The Boiz Are Back In Town!Edit

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A Note About the BoizEdit

The Boiz in 'Boiz Klub' are fictional characters designed and portrayed as satire of the increasing amount of self-promoted rappers on Soundcloud and other media streaming sites. The goal of Boiz Klub is to 'make good music with shitty lyrics', as put by Austin Fulsher (the voice of AK Draco). The Boiz have said before that they aim to have a similar sound to the rapper XXXTentacion, but with a layer of irony in their lyrics.

In no way are the topics that Boiz Klub raps about intended to be taken at face value as serious truth. Instead, understand that every song performed by the Boiz is for the sake of comedy and irony interwoven into good-sounding music.

The Boiz:

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